Blake Desaulniers



My writing career began in 1982 in Montreal, at CKGM and CHOM where I turned out ad copy for Maisonneuve Broadcasting's AM and FM radio stations—concerts, Greek restaurants, jeans, groceries—hundreds of 30-second pitches for all things consumer retail.

Returning to Vancouver in 1986, I found my way into the newsletter and magazine publishing business, before embarking on a freelance writing career. Since 1990 I've taken on a few full-time editorial and corporate communications postings, but most of the time I've continued to work as a freelancer.

Between 1990 and today, the demands of writing and publishing have changed—largely shaped by the transcendence of the Internet to the world's predominant media channel. Nowadays a writer must be fluent in keywords and SEO, understand blog and social media and how to write for websites, the nature of the news non-cycle, and the growth of mobile and the 140-character story to be effective across a range of constantly converging media.

I was one of those writers who embraced the Internet and digital media quite early, around 1990, when recession crushed the publishing industry and vaporized scores of newspapers and magazines in Canada. The economics of publishing transmogrified as fast as the technology evolved. There was no choice but to go along for the rocket ride. So it was that I gained a foundation in traditional media, and a vast amount of experience in digital, online media.

Irrespective of technology, the  fundamentals of good communications endure—whether in print, or online; in written word or visual media. These days, a competent communicator must be proficient in new and innovative ways, all the while relying on a strong foundation of outstanding skills and talent.

Somewhat complete list of salient experience

UBC Creative Writing
Senior Level courses in fiction and creative non-fiction at the University of British Columbia
(MacLean Hunter Non Fiction & Business Writing)

Professional Writers Association of Canada
British Columbia Regional Director (current)

Maisonneuve Broadcasting, Montreal

The Long Song, Fountain Productions

Editorial Writing for Print
Here are a few of the publications in which my writing has appeared over time.
Equity Magazine
British Columbia Report
BC Business Magazine
BC Woman Magazine
Financial World
Canadian Investor
The Independent Senior
The Prospector
Spare Change
Vancouver’s Business Report
Media West Magazine
Tow Canada
Collision Quarterly

Editorial Postings
Managing Editor, Vancouver’s Business Report
Editor, The Prospector Newspaper
Editor, The Independent Senior
Editor, Media Wave Magazine

Corporate Writing
Partial listing
CIBC / Wood Gundy
Fletcher Challenge
The Globe Foundation
Williams Lake Fibreboard
The Loewen Group
Simply Computing
PartsCheck Live
Canadian Maple Leaf Financial Corp
BUA Capital

The Profit Letter
Maedel’s MiniCap Analyst
Financial Profiles

Magnolia Jungle, A Corporate Lynching in Mississippi

Especially for Web
Comprehensive Content Marketing / Inbound Marketing program for PartsCheck Live Online Auto Parts Market. Includes copy for blog, email, web pages, white papers, scripts for videos, landing pages and thank-you pages
SEO Website copy for Simply Computing business division